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San Isidro Jewelry and Watch Repair

San Isidro Jewelry & Watch Repair is a Jewelry Shop in Bakersfield, CA

San Isidro Jewelry & Watch Repair is a professional jewelry store in Bakersfield, CA. We specialize in basic and complex repairs for jewelry and watches. We have over 10 years of experience fixing what people thought couldn’t be fixed and whatever it is that you have gathering dust in your jewelry box, we can fix it for you. We also offer much more than our name suggests. We can create custom jewelry that only you own with your gold & diamonds (or ours). We will work together to make your vision a reality.

San Isidro Jewelry & Watch Repair provides the following services:

– Watch Repairs

– Watch Battery Replacement

– Glasses Frame Repairs

– Jewelry Designing

– Jewelry Engraving

– Jewelry for Sale

We have a highly trained staff of repair persons to fix a variety of problems, including broken or missing parts, dead batteries, cracked faceplates, ring sizing, and more. We can even restore your older, rusted pieces to new-like condition with a deep, scouring clean and polish.

There’s no need for your jewelry box to be stuffed with broken pieces that you feel you won’t ever wear again. Bring them to San Isidro Jewelry & Watch Repair and let us fix them up for you today!

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