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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicles insurance is for campers, motorhomes, camper vans, fifth-wheels, and pop-ups. Whether the RV is being used only occasionally for weekend getaways, or it’s being lived in full-time, RV insurance is required. Anyone who owns a recreational vehicle needs to buy a policy with at least the minimum coverage required by their state.

This type of insurance policy may pay liability claims when the RV damages another vehicle. The policy may also cover the replacement costs if it’s stolen or declared a total loss. Other events such as weather-related accidents, animal collisions, or loss caused by a hit and run driver are typically covered under an RV policy.


RV owners are required to have liability insurance. The liability portion of the policy will pay for the damages caused to someone else. It’s important to choose the right amount of liability on the policy, depending on the assets of the policy owner. There are limits to the amount that RV policies will pay under the liability section.

Comprehensive and collision insurance is not required by law, however, they are both important to consider. Collision covers issues incurred when the RV hits something, and it pays for the repair of the policy owner’s vehicle. Comprehensive coverage addresses theft and vehicle damage of all kinds caused by fire, weather, and other accidents.

Having uninsured or underinsured on the policy is also important. It pays the costs when the policy owner’s RV is hit by another person who either isn’t covered or doesn’t carry high liability insurance. It also goes into effect in the case of a hit and runs. There are additional coverages that can be added to an RV policy such as personal property insurance, towing, emergency services, and car rental reimbursement.

Liability coverage alone could save an RV owner from losing all of their assets due to damage caused to another person or vehicle. If the RV is totaled or stolen, the policy will replace or pay the original cost of the RV, depending on the type of coverage.

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