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Specialty Insurance for Contractors


As a contractor, it is important to have insurance so that you can be covered in case of a lawsuit or complaint. Fortunately for contractors such as plumbers, roofers, and HVAC specialists, there are plenty of options when it comes to coverage. With the right policy, contractors will have an easier time providing their services to customers and avoiding a potential situation that can ruin their business.


There are numerous types of coverage for all contractors. These types of policies cover a specific aspect of contracting. It is highly recommended that contractors get all of the relevant policies so that they can ensure that they are covered at all times.

• Builders Risk Coverage

This type of coverage protects builders and owners against damage that occurs when a building is under construction. A builders risk policy will protect all of the materials, equipment, and property associated with a given project.

• General Liability

All businesses operate with a certain amount of risk. For contractors, there are a number of risks that need to be accounted for. With general liability coverage, contractors will be able to get coverage for bodily injury, property damage, advertising liability, and rental coverage.

• Tools & Equipment Coverage

This type of policy provides coverage for any tools and equipment that a contracting business uses. The policy covers professionals in all contracting occupations such as plumbing, HVAC, and those who work as a roofer. Having this policy will help any roofer, plumbing, and HVAC professional get compensated in case their tools and equipment are lost, stolen or damaged.


All of these policies protect any professional or company that works in the contracting field. Whether a person works in roofing, electrical contracting, construction or as a plumber, the policies will provide comprehensive protection at all times. This coverage will provide protection from things such as professional liability, water damage, issues with central heating and ventilation.


When looking to get a policy that provides this type of coverage, contractors will need to go through a simple process. They will first have to fill out an application and get it approved. Once they are approved, they will then get the coverage as long as they pay a monthly premium. When the policy goes into effect, any contractor who gets this policy will have coverage for personal liability, equipment, tools, and from things such as water damage and issues with ventilation and central heating.


There are many benefits to getting this kind of policy. One of the benefits is that these policies will help contractors avoid financial ruin in a lawsuit. These policies will also help contractors stay compliant with any regulations pertaining to their industry. Having one of these policies will also allow contractors to stay licensed and bonded as well.

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